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fashion desig nstudent presents the materials she found inused textiles for her runway collection - wearing safety glasses and a safety vest with the sorting facility behind her

Australia's largest reliable and transparent textile recovery service 

saving textiles

Our goal is to find solutions for all textiles, to reduce waste, lower your costs and increase your sustainability profile.

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What we stand for

Lesser footprint, greater good, honest mission


Lowest footprint

We have decades of experience diverting textiles for reuse and recycling. We strive to ensure that materials are used for their lowest environmental impact, not destroyed in the name of innovation and recycling.


Inclusive global business

NGOs, councils, educators, brands, property developers, recyclers... we all play a part in the challenge to consume responsibly. Fashion is a global industry, a global problem, and Australia needs to join in efforts to improve manufacturing and recycling overseas to offer them a chance at offering us better, more sustainable choices.



We believe that what we do, our children will follow. We bring the 'Learn & Do' approach to schools, support community fairs and take part in discussion panels and events to promote the 5Rs and help spread the word about why textiles matter. 


No modern slavery

The textile industry is no stranger to modern slavery - the informal waste sector even less so. We audit our direct partners in person and have a Modern Slavery policy our partners comply with.  



The majority of textile recyclers are collectors who sell the textiles for the highest price. This is not compatible with ensuring environmental and social sustainability, so as you can guess, we don't trade. 

We are proud to know whom we work with, where our products go, and strike a financial balance to enable us to responsibly recycle materials that cannot be reused. 

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Countries serviced in Asia-Pacific

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collection points


Whatever the nature or your organisation, we provide free services to collect textiles, and unique opportunities to re-design products into one of a kind products. Our programmes run across most of Australia, in partnership with facilities overseas and our own facility in Port Klang, Malaysia.

Textiles are an undervalued used materials stream (we don't like to call it waste!), with poor reporting and data around their handling. We strive to provide transparency and the best usage for recovered materials.

We deliver diverse textile recovery and recycling solutions 

We collect clothes, shoes, home textiles, soft toys, textile accessories and underwear.

Used items must still be washed and clean.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Want to get involved? Contact us today.

Discuss with us what a textile recovery programme could look like for you. Please specify the nature of your business (property managers, council, school, NGOs, recycler...) and location and we will get back to you shortly. 

Are you a Charity? Get in Touch here

Thanks for your interest, we will reach out to you soon.

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