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Upcycling Service

Transforming your unwanted textiles

Working with a carefully selected list of partners, we provide upcycling and recycling opportunities for clients who wish to take textile responsibility to the next level.

Our skilled team of designers and machinists, alongside our partnering additional factories, offer a product re-development program for all retired or sad-looking uniforms and corporate items.

We also have an ongoing and year-round available catalogue of products made from mixed used textiles (pre and post consumer textiles). Each product is unique a result of being manufactured out of the material flow that reaches the facility. These can serve as examples for new ites from our clients' own used textiles sent to us, or bought from our stock to replace virgin raw material-sourced procurement.

Taking ownership of your textile waste is to actively engage in creating a market for upcyled and recycled products 

Our partners:

  • Corporates

  • Brands

  • Charities 

  • Retail managers

View our catalogue examples

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