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The Factory

Proudly striving to recover materials and maintaining its zero-waste promise.

Upcycle 4 Better 's facility is in Malaysia is ISO 14001:2015 accredited, yearly audited, the only facility of its kind in the country. The factory provides a transparent solution for unwanted textiles, supporting educational and activity-focused grassroots groups across the country and their neighbours in Singapore.


The factory holds a full-time team dedicated to repairing and renewing items that are almost perfect for reuse, to extend their lives and delay their end of life. Another team manages redesign of products from clients who wish to transform unwanted textiles. 

The facility sorts into +500 categories determined by their composition, material quality and integrity, and decommissioning complexity. After reuse, the most sustainable avenue for extending material life, the recycling options range from handcrafting surfaces, mechanical recycling, rubber and various playground surfaces, industrial wipes, and waste to energy (which we do not advocate as a recycling solution but as a means to reduce waste as a last resort for the non-processable materials).


Corporates and brands across Europe and Asia come to visit our top-of-the-range facility and sorting system.

We provide jobs that give meaning, educate, and shape the new textile economy. 

We can all do better as global partners to provide benefits to each of our communities,  


Your materials have another life.

Reduce. Rewear. Renew. Recycle.

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