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About us

Simply put, we want to reduce textile waste. We said simple, not easy.

We see a textile future whereby we can include everyone in the conversation, improving and making more sustainable the broken and unjust supply chains of the fashion industry.

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Our Story

Upcycle 4 Better is a people-oriented brand whose activities span across several countries in Asia-Pacific. Founded by an Australian residing in Malaysia, Upcycle 4 Better has become a trusted partner for textile recovery activities among corporates, councils, schools, brands and communities. 

Our activities first began in our factory in Malaysia, where we employ and invest in the training of gender-diverse staff. Our multi-cultural team works closely together to sort materials into over 500 categories, on the delivery of education programmes and the development of upcycled products from our in-house of full-time seamstresses and craftspeople.

In Singapore, over 300 collection units are available to the general public through council programmes. In Malaysia, our partner schools organise clothes drives. Corporates and brands across Europe and Asia come to visit our top-of-the-range facility and sorting system.

We are proud to be changing the perception of used textiles. Australia has been late to the party... it's time we show we aren't the last movers. 

Sorting clothes
Image by Gervyn Louis


To recover the most unwanted textiles to divert them from landfill, and find their highest value application through a network of retailers, recyclers, government agencies and communities.


When the word waste will no longer be in our terminology, and all products will be designed for circularity. We envision a global network where the Global North includes the Global South in its development towards a fair and inclusive circular economy.

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