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Denim Drawstring Backpack


one size


Trendy, everyday and timeless backpack for any situation, from hiking and city trips to sports and weekend excursions.

A snap button keeps the top closed for easy and quick access.


  • Made from upcycled Baju Kurung and denim

  • Baju Kurung (Jawi: باجو كوروڠ) is a traditional costume of Malays and traditionally worn by women in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and southern Thailand. This type of traditional costume is the national dress of Brunei and Malaysia.

  • Dimensions: 18 x 36 x 43 cm

  • Weight: 550 g

  • Please note that each product is entirely unique, as such, the colours, sizes, accessories and lining will vary as the materials are sourced from recycled products. We do not accept returns based on these variations.

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